Tip For Preparing An Office Move…

If you are planning on Moving offices, you´ll quickly agree this is no easy task and the time taken to do so is obviously going to largely depend on the size of your office and the amount of furniture and/or specialist equipment you are moving. Planning for a large move is essential and the below info graphic will help shed some light on the various stages required.

tips on moving offices

To avoid downtime and disruption within the office and the organisation as a whole, you need to plan. Start with looking at suitable dates where the office is not as busy, and avoid time sensitive periods such as end of year tax preparation as this will just cause unnecessary stress. If possible, try and arrange your office move over the weekend.

Next, you need to contact the professional moving company you are going to use. You will be able to discuss the amount of furniture, electronic equipment and time that will be needed to move you from one premises to another and you will be able to discuss rates.

Finally, you need to budget for everything involved in the move from the transportation through to any storage that may be needed. One important factor to bare in mind is the insurance aspects and you must make sure this is taken care of in your budget as if things go wrong or damage is caused, you dont want to be help liable for the costs. We hope that these office removals tips are useful and assist in the smooth transition to your new premises.

Published by: Kenny Linmeyer